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Since the beginning of my career as a Software Dev in early 2018, I constantly sought growth and challenge in my day-to-day.

I have attended a multitude of tech conferences, networked with dozens of world-class engineers, and consumed hundreds of hours of tech-related content in my spare time.

On top of that, I have graduated with a Software Engineering degree and wrote a couple of successful Medium articles. I’ve built many side projects, contributed to open source libs, and even tried building a bunch of tech startups.

Nothing of that would have taught me anything about how to be a…

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Modelling and designing Event-Driven systems is challenging— both practically and conceptually. However, they promise scalability and performance at scales we haven’t seen before. Event-Driven Architectures pose some of the most interesting engineering problems that challenge current status-quo directly.

Events are so simple, it’s easy to miss them. — Jay Kreps, CEO of Confluent

In this article, I will explain the bare fundamentals of modern Event-Driven Architectures. We will take a closer look at patterns frequently discussed in literature and at State-of-the-Art conferences. …

by: cmykpstryk

Event-Driven Architecture refer to rather old concept of Software Engineering that gained a lot of relevancy recently due to the need for innovation in enterprise system integration, especially when talking about ever-growing complexity in microservice setups.

We will be designing an Evolutionary Event-Driven system based on a classical legacy application, similar to what can be found in many organisations all around the world. This exercise will show us the potential of Event-Driven Architectures.

But first, let’s talk about what Event-Driven Systems are, and why are they crucial for the future of Software Engineering.

The fastest distributed systems in the world…

Aleksander ‘vyrwu’ Nowak

Jr. Site Reliability Engineer @ Dixa 🚀

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